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Stubborn Fat


After months and even years of working hard at getting fit, many people still struggle with specific areas of their body where they just can’t seem to lose the last few pounds. The answer lies within our cells. Our body has different types of fat cells. Some of them simply like to “hold on” to the fat more than others. From the evolutionary perspective, stubborn fat is there to “protect” us in the case of food shortages. That is why when we lose weight, our body first removes it from “non-essential” areas like our face. Women tend to have stubborn fat in their lower abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. That has to do with a woman’s body being able to maintain pregnancy and breastfeed. Men usually struggle with their abdomen and sides aka “love handles.” Genetics, hormone imbalances, insulin resistance, non-optimal sleep patterns, and diets high in processed foods further hinder our ability to burn stubborn fat.

Cataleya Aesthetics has a non-invasive, FDA cleared solution to treat stubborn fat. BodyFX and MiniFX comfortably and efficiently “melt” unwanted fat while tightening the skin at the same time.


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