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About Cataleya Aesthetics

about us

“You are beautiful! We are here to make sure everyone can see that!”

Cataleya Aesthetics team is passionate about empowering women and men by helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. We offer a variety of services to address any skin concern. From HydraFacial and Chemical Peels to Lasers, Radiofrequency, and Injectables – we’ve got you covered! Cataleya Aesthetics is committed to continuous growth and development, including acquiring new skills and the latest technology to bring the best to our clients.

So, where does our name come from? Cataleya is another name for Cattleya Trianae, the queen of orchids and the national flower of Colombia. Cataleya is beloved worldwide and, more than anything symbolizes exotic yet natural beauty. At Cataleya Aesthetics, we believe it is our job to enhance the natural beauty of our clients.

our team

Dr. Reyes-Villa

Daniel Reyes-Villa, MD Owner

Dr. Reyes-Villa is the Medical Director and the team leader at Cataleya Aesthetics. Dr. Reyes-Villa graduated from medical school in 1996 in his native Colombia. During his training and early practice years, he worked closely with numerous plastic surgeons and was impressed and inspired by aesthetic medicine’s power to improve people’s lives. Dr. Reyes-Villa moved to the United States and completed residency in Family Medicine at AMITA Health Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center in Chicago in 2008. After gaining valuable experience as a family physician with San Jose Medical Group and Evergreen Urgent Care, Dr. Reyes-Villa became an independent practitioner in 2018. A year later, Dr. Reyes-Villa teamed up with his wife Olga, a Registered Nurse, and founded Cataleya Aesthetics. Dr. Reyes-Villa believes that the best approach to patient care is holistic treatments that benefit physical and emotional well-being. He focuses on detailed assessment and collaboration with the client in developing a treatment plan for the best outcomes.

Dr. Reyes-Villa loves cinema and the fine arts. In addition, he enjoys playing various musical instruments, composing songs, and getting his three children involved. During your visit, you might hear some movie quotations and will have a laugh because he believes that humor and positivity are integral parts of communication. Dr. Reyes-Villa created the Norma Villa Foundation in honor of his mother’s legacy, which supports and encourages folkloric expression in Colombia.

Olga Dzhulay

Olga Dzhulay, RN, BSN Owner

Olga would love to be your aesthetic nurse! She’s been in her profession since 2004 and absolutely loves it. Olga’s philosophy is all about balanced, natural, and elevated aesthetic expression. She started her career in Labor and Delivery and branched out to medical aesthetics in 2019. Olga is here to offer solutions for your aesthetic concerns, build your confidence, and ensure you know you are beautiful! She loves seeing her clients' reactions to their transformations the most.

Olga also believes self-care is vital, especially in the fast-paced Bay Area. While family and career are the priorities, balancing hard work and reward and feeling one’s best physically and emotionally is essential.

When not at work, Olga’s favorite things are traveling with her family, dancing and going to Zumba classes, cooking, and caring for her numerous plants. If she hears a beat, you might see some dance moves!

Yulia Mirgorodskaia

Yulia Mirgorodskaia, RN, BSN

Since becoming a Registered Nurse in 2018, Yulia has focused on building positive relationships with her patients. She believes that before giving any recommendations or performing any treatments, it is crucial to truly understand what is important to her client, develop a plan, and answer all the questions. Yulia is excited to help you achieve your aesthetic goals! She loves working with adults and children alike and balances her time as an aesthetic nurse as well as a pediatric home health provider.

On a personal note, Yulia loves to spend time with her two adorable sons. She is also a true book lover and organizer of the Russian-speaking book club in South San Jose. So if you read a great book, mention it, and she will add it to her list!

Ganna Tkachova

Ganna Tkachova, LE, CMA

Cataleya Aesthetics is lucky to have an excellent esthetician and the most caring and knowledgeable person, Ganna Tkachova, or “Anna.” Anna graduated from the International Skin Beauty Academy in Schaumburg, IL for Clinical Aesthetics in 2018 and is nationally certified as a Clinical Medical Assistant. She is licensed in both California and Illinois. Anna is dedicated to continuous education and always reads, takes courses, or attends international webinars to advance her skills and knowledge.

Anna helped develop and optimize our advanced treatment protocols, such as clinical facials and chemical peels. She is a certified Acne Specialist. Anna enjoys educating her clients and is an eager advocate for at-home care as an essential part of the journey to healthy, beautiful skin. Healthy skin is happy skin, and Anna is ready to get you glowing!

our medical assistants

Our dedicated medical assistants Marisa Sandoval, Alejandra Serna, and Yolanda Mercado make our team complete! They are the ones who meet you first, help with booking appointments, and make sure everything is flowing smoothly. Although Marisa, Alejandra, and Yolanda constantly multitask, they are always ready to help!