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Membership and Acne Program

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Taking care of your skin should not be a guessing game. Neither should it be random. Cataleya Aesthetics team has put together a sustainable and customizable plan to help you get consistent results that will prove effective now and in the future. Although skin health is influenced by many factors such as genetics, overall health, hydration, diet, stress levels, and more, there are ways to keep it in excellent condition and delay the aging process. So, what gives our skin a healthy look and feel? The answer is even tone, smooth texture, radiance, elasticity, and lack of inflammatory processes. Cataleya Aesthetics offers various technologies that work on both deep and superficial layers of the skin to clear and exfoliate, nourish and hydrate, boost collagen and elastin, treat, and finally protect the skin. Anti-wrinkle and volume loss injectable treatments are available as well.

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  • $175/month
  • Savings: $450+ per year on treatments + additional savings on Botox, dermal fillers, and skin care products.

What is Included?

  • 4 Deluxe HydraFacials ($1,100 value) – clears, exfoliates, hydrates, and infuses skin with Boosters (active ingredients based on your skin needs.) The session is completed by an add-on service of your choice and an LED light.
  • 2 CosmoPen Microneedling sessions ($900 value) – excellent collagen induction therapy treatment that improves skin tone and texture and slows the aging process. Biorevitalizing serums that address specific skin concerns are applied during the treatment. Treatment is completed by placing a collagen mask.
    1. Optional plasmatherapy (PRF) add-on: $325
  • 2 Forma RF Skin Tightening Sessions for full face or lower face and neck ($550 value) – boosts collagen production in the skin, helps with lifting, and healthy glow of the skin.
  • Epionce, Sesderma, Vivant, and other Skin Care Lines: 10% off regular price (does not apply in addition to promotional pricing)
  • Dermal Filler Injections: 5% off the regular price
  • Botox $11/unit

How does it work, and what if I miss my appointment?

  • Appointments can be scheduled every 2-8 weeks. Your provider can help with the appropriate timing/sequence of appointments.
  • All appointments must be completed within 12 months of enrolling into membership. No “roll-overs.”
  • The following service substitutions are allowed:
    1. A course of 4 PRX DermPerfexion (PRXT-33) chemical peels INSTEAD of 4 HydraFacial Treatments
    2. A course of 4 BioRePeelCl3 chemical peels INSTEAD of 2 CosmoPen Microneedling sessions
    3. 2 Mediderma chemical peels INSTEAD of one Forma RF session
    4. One Lumecca IPL for partial or full face INSTEAD of one HydraFacial Treatment
    5. One Lumecca IPL for partial or full face INSTEAD of one CosmoPen Microneedling
    6. One Lumecca IPL for partial or full face INSTEAD of one Forma RF session
  • If you missed an appointment, it is possible to schedule a make-up appointment provided you canceled 24 hours in advance. We send an electronic reminder with an option to cancel and give a courtesy call 1-3 days before your appointment. There will be no make-up appointment if you are a “No Show.”
photo of Cataleya Aesthetics

Acne Program

Acne is a complex chronic condition. There are no quick fixes or magic creams that make it go away. Instead, Cataleya Aesthetics offers a comprehensive approach that involves counseling and support, detailed assessment and monitoring, in-office treatments, and at-home skincare. Our Acne Program goals are to treat active acne, prevent future breakouts, and help our clients achieve healthy and beautiful skin. You will see great results in 10-16 weeks with your commitment to our program.

photo of Cataleya Aesthetics

Acne Program Objectives:

  • Target current breakouts
  • Prevent future breakouts
  • Improve pigmentation

Acne Program Expectations:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your skin condition and exploring contributing factors will be performed during the Initial Consultation.
  • Acne triggers, such as food, skincare, makeup, etc., will be identified.
  • A customized skincare regimen will be developed and provided.
  • Depending on the severity and type of your acne, 3-6 in-office treatments will be performed.
  • The skincare regimen will be re-evaluated and adjusted every 2-3 weeks.
  • Your Acne Program specialist will provide continuous support and guidance during in-office treatments and via phone.
  • You will receive thorough instructions about keeping your skin clear and avoiding setbacks, including printed materials.

Client Commitments:

  • Following the prescribed skincare regimen.
  • Three in-office treatments for mild acne or six in-office treatments for moderate to severe acne.
  • Following Acne Program lifestyle and general recommendations.

If you are interested in our Acne Program, booking the Initial Consultation is the best way to start. You do not have to commit to the Program after the Initial Consultation. However, if you decide to participate in the Acne Program, an Initial Consultation charge will be applied toward the program’s cost.

Acne Program Pricing

Initial Consultation $150

Acne Program $950 - $2,000